Are You Frustrating Members of Your Membership Site? Do They Have To Wade Through Long, Unending Pages To Find The Products They Want?

Dear Membership Site Owner,

You don't have to go through the tedious process of updating an HTML download page anymore! Your members will no longer suffer the tedium of scrolling endlessly down a long, bulky page.

Introducing Download Site Creator

This simple yet powerful package will help you run a download gallery where you can neatly categorize all of your e-products!

The creator of this package developed, tested, and implemented it on his "You Can Make Money On The Internet" website, and the change from a lengthy, endless download page to an easily searchable, categorized site was warmly welcomed by members!

Isn't it time you stopped manually creating download galleries and started automating the process as much as possible?


Why Use Download Site Creator™ (DSC™)?

  • It is VERY user friendly!
  • DSC has easily customizable header, footer, and other components.
  • You can easily create and edit category names.
  • Quickly add, edit and delete downloadable content.
  • DSC tracks the number of times your content is downloaded.
  • No need to worry about an excessively large download page no matter how much content you add.
  • No need to manually edit any HTML to make it all work!
  • Automatic upload of your content without the need of an FTP program.
  • SECURITY! DSC has built in content protection! It is impossible for the unscrupulous individual to link to your content directly!
  • Additional Security! Download links expire at midnight server time daily and are removed.
  • DSC is a "living product"! Additional features will continuously be added, AND you will NOT be charged for upgrades as new features are available!

What Difference Will This Make For Members of Your Membership Site?

  • The download controller presents a more professional appearance and provides increased ease of use to your members.
  • Members will be able to locate e-products with significantly less effort than on competitive sites, thus saving them time and frustration!

What Does A Generated Download Gallery Look Like?

Easily Customize The Download Gallery...

The "Members' Area" header graphic above can easily be replaced with your own header image. It just needs to be 600px by 150px and named header3.jpg, then no coding changes are required.

So, how much does Download Site Creator cost?

For a limited time during our pre-launch release, it's ONLY $14.95!


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